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Site Versions:

From oldest to newest

1.0 (~2000)

I really can’t remember that far back, but I do remember the site was in pretty rough shape back then. I had just started to learn HTML. That was it, I didn’t even know PHP, how to set up my own http server, or anything. I was a pretty sad geek back then. If I recall right, I think my doamin was a sub of one of my freinds over at ->(www.techidiots.com).

2.0 (~2003)

Version 2.0; about 4 years ago, I started to learn how to setup a basic web server, with Server 2003, Dynu Naming Service, Apache 1.5.X , MySQL 4, and PHP 4. I also changed the look of the site, I remember that it was all text and a few images in the first version, and I kept the text for the links and made images for the banners in the second version. This took pretty much no time at all to do.

3.0 (08/2005)

This version was the longest make so far, reason: I made my entire site out of images. The links, the Banner, and the main page web log. The main web log tables where the longest part, it wasn’t making the images that took the longest. It was fitting the images into the table so that it looked like it was all one image, which was the hardest. I had 9 cells to work with and 8 images.

3.0.1 (12/2006)

This is when I added in my commenting system… well more like page with an insert link attached. All I really did was had the index page go to MySQL and get the table, print it out and done. The insert page is just as simple. I have a front HTML page, which you enter all your data in when you select send, it sends it to the insert PHP script and enters it into the data base at the end of the table.

4.0 (03/01/2007)

This is the version I like the best so far, its simple, easy on the eyes, and it’s the first version I have made that doesn’t use frames. I also went back to all text and based the site off of CSS and some SQL.

4.0.1 (03/25/2007)

This is the point where I added the “Write-ups” section of the site. I felt that it was a big enough change to have its own feature version number, but not the next one up. The write ups page is 100% data base driven. The links on the main list link to a PHP script that pulls them from the SQL DB. There is also a link to read the version info on each document. I hope to make a download part to it too, so that you can click the link, and it will pull the data for that document and spit it out in a html file or something. I also made a few sub-domains for the site too, downloads.randomintervals.com and papers.randomintervals.com.

4.1.0 (7/16/2008)

There have been some major improvements and changes to the site since I last updated the change log. First, There is the Wireless Graphing for Vistumbler. The Wireless Database that is in the middle of being developed. I have my current builds running on my development server, here. The Dev server is constantly being changed and is not always in a stable state, data my be missing if you have entered any, or the server my just not respond. Now mind you it is also only a little P3 450Mhz with 768MB of RAM, so if you are generating any graphs with large amounts of data or looking at a large list of AP's, the server will be very slow or not finish the job. I will have a few documents out soon that deal with how to use the WiFiDB and some White Papers on how it operates.